No longer leave your data to Google and others thanks to Synology NAS

Have you ever considered entrusting your files to a NAS? This storage system, which is too little known, nevertheless has many advantages between accessibility and security. And for Black Friday, the best of them are on sale.

If someone says NAS to you, you will probably first think of a famous American rapper. While in reality, we are talking more here about Network Attached Storage or network attached storage server in good French. A type of computer server designed for individuals and professionals needing secure storage space, accessible anywhere and at all times. A kind of cloud therefore, but whose enormous advantage lies in the fact that it is entirely private, because it is stored in your home or on your premises.

An element that makes all the difference at a time when the protection of personal data has become a real social issue and more and more people are seeking to improve their digital hygiene. A pioneer in the field, Synology currently offers a wide range of NAS that combine efficiency and ease of use. Better, for Black Friday, the manufacturer has decided to reduce the price of part of its catalog, in particular that of its best-seller, the DiskStation 923+, which goes from 699.99 euros to 579.99 euros for a limited duration.

What is a NAS actually?

To put it simply, a NAS is sort of a cross between cloud storage and an external hard drive. First, it maintains accessibility, because it is permanently connected to the Internet (via your internet box). Like Google Drive or iCloud, all you need is a device connected to the internet to send or receive files to or from your NAS. It therefore offers a storage solution accessible everywhere, and all the time.

From the hard drive, it borrows confidentiality and proximity. Unlike the cloud storage services mentioned above, there is no intermediary between you and the storage medium that hosts your data. A NAS is installed in your home and belongs entirely to you. No one, except authorized users, will be able to access its content without your knowledge.

The NAS, a perfect tool for professionals and individuals alike

Whether you are a professional or an individual, owning a NAS has many advantages on a daily basis. Quite basically, this type of device is a storage medium doped with hormones. With space of up to 50 TB on a model like the DS923+, NAS are capable of hosting all the data you might want to keep safe. A feature that is already very useful in itself when you regularly have to process large volumes of data, which makes it a strong ally for many professionals.

Another advantage: security. In addition to the fact that no third party has any right to review what you store on your NAS, their very construction offers several safeguards to protect your data. Without going into technical details, and depending on its RAID configuration, a NAS is capable of distributing the data stored on several hard drives that it houses. Security to avoid losses, in case a disk malfunctions for example.

Finally, the big advantage of NAS lies in their great flexibility in use. If your NAS remains safe at home, you can access its contents wherever you are, and on the device you want, PC or mobile, on a wide variety of OS. Communication that goes both ways, since you can also easily save your most precious data wherever you are.

Why choose a Synology NAS?

For starters, Synology is one of the most accomplished NAS manufacturers on the market today. With more than twenty years of experience, it offers high quality products, which are based on proven and effective technology, and whose performance is no longer in doubt.

But their greatest strength undoubtedly lies in their ease of use. No need to be an engineer to set up or manage your NAS after purchasing it. The reason ? An extremely well thought-out software ecosystem, Synology Drive, which allows you to control every aspect of your NAS in just a few clicks. Supplied straight away (and at no extra cost) with any Synology NAS, this software offers many features to users, all with a fluid and easy to understand interface. Synology Drive allows you to:

  • access and manage files on the NAS 24/7 from any device;
  • to simply create and share your files with other authorized users.
  • to precisely monitor the state of your data thanks to immediate synchronization of modifications and a complete history;
  • protect your data thanks to an efficient backup, recovery or versioning system.

Beyond Synology Drive, users can also count on Synology Photos, a powerful photo gallery management tool fully integrated into the NAS. Creation of albums, filtering system, sharing or even backup routine of your mobile’s camera roll are just a few examples of the functionalities of this extremely well thought-out application.

Check out Synology’s Black Friday deals

For Black Friday, Synology is offering promotions on many products from its catalog. The opportunity, for example, to find the DS923+, the star of the manufacturer’s catalog, at a reduced price for a limited time. Compact, this NAS can accommodate up to four SATA III hard drives (2.5 or 3.5 inches) or 4 M.2 SSDs for maximum storage of 50 TB. Generally offered at 699.99 euros, it benefits from an immediate discount of 17% which brings its price down to 579.99 euros.

To accommodate your data, your NAS needs suitable storage media, and that’s good, because Synology also offers discounts on the HAT3300 models, whether in 4, 6 or 8 TB. For example, the 6 TB version is currently sold for 179.99 euros, a reduction of 9% compared to its usual price.


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