Nie, nie wydaje ci się. Windows 11 naprawdę przemówi twoim głosem

No, I don’t think so. Windows 11 will truly speak with your voice

Windows 11 will get an interesting “Speak for me” feature. The system will speak with the voice of its owner.

Speech synthesizer with your voice

This feature was found by testers on the system Windows 11 26052, available in the Canary and Dev channels. It is not listed in the changelog provided by Microsoft, but is already visible in the system settings. Moreover, it can be used after installing an external component. Hence, we know that everyone will be able to “teach” their system to read aloud and use samples of their own voice as the basis for the speech synthesizer.

Function description Speak for Me reveals how you can use it. This is a voice avatar created based on the owner’s own voice, which will not sound like a characterless robot. You will be able to enter text that will be read by a personal speech synthesizer during an in-person or online meeting.

The “Speak for Me” command has been placed in the Accessibility section and given its own keyboard shortcut: Win + Ctrl + T. That is, it will receive it when it is ready to be implemented.

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