Nintendo Switch 2 zaoferuje kluczową funkcję. Fani będą wniebowzięci

Nintendo Switch 2 will offer a key feature. Fans will be delighted

Nintendo Switch 2 will offer an important feature that should please all players, especially owners of the console currently available for sale.

All signs in the sky and on Earth suggest that Nintendo Switch 2 will be available in stores this year. The console, according to the latest rumors, is to offer a very important function that all players should be happy with. Especially those who have the first generation of Switch.

Nintendo Switch 2 and backward compatibility

PH Brazil is a well-known informant who specializes in Nintendo. He learned from his own sources that Nintendo Switch 2 will offer backward compatibility. The key thing about this information is that the new console will support not only digital games, but also on physical media. This means that Switch 2 will have an identical cartridge reader.

Moreover, the new console is intended to allow game creators to easily adapt their production to the new hardware. This probably means the possibility of releasing updates that will make titles either look better on Switch 2 or run at a higher frame rate. Taking into account the announced increase in efficiency, both options cannot be ruled out at the same time.

Backward compatibility is not only great news for owners of the first Switch. This is also great news for people who are new to the Nintendo world, because they will immediately have a huge library of games at their disposal.

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