Nintendo Switch 2 ma być większą konsolą od poprzednika

Nintendo Switch 2 is to be a larger console than its predecessor

There have been interesting reports about the Nintendo Switch 2 console. They indicate that the new model will be larger than its predecessor.

If the current rumors are true, Nintendo Switch 2 will debut in early 2025. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more information about it is emerging. According to the latest news, the console will be larger than its predecessor and will introduce an important change in the context of Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch 2 specifications

The latest news comes from the Spanish blog Vandal. This may seem like a weak source, but it's worth recalling that they were the first to reveal information about the Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen, so they seem to have good sources. Despite this, remember that these are still just rumors, so approach them with caution.

Nintendo apparently showed Switch 2 to accessory manufacturers in its own way. They did not see the console itself, but something like a model that presented the appearance and shape of the device. People who had the opportunity to participate in the show unanimously report that Nintendo Switch 2 will be larger than its predecessor, but at the same time not as large as the Steam Deck.

Moreover, the same sources report that the console is already ready and the delay of the premiere to early 2025 is dictated by the desire to give developers more time to create new games. This information has already appeared before, and this is just another confirmation.

In addition, Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to bring an important change in the context of Joy-Con controllers. These are to be mounted magnetically, not on rails, as was the case in the first model. Therefore, currently available designs will not be compatible with the new console. However, you can apparently play on Switch 2 using the Pro controller.

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