Nintendo oficjalnie mówi o Switchu 2. Zapowiada prezentację konsoli

Nintendo officially talks about Switch 2. It announces the presentation of the console

Nintendo officially announced the successor to the Switch console for the first time. We know when to expect the device to be presented.

Rumors about Nintendo Switch 2 have been circulating for many months. We already know quite a lot about the console and it will be difficult for the Japanese to surprise us with anything. This does not change the fact that there has been a breakthrough. Nintendo officially talked about Switch 2 for the first time and revealed when we can expect the device to be presented.

Nintendo is talking about Switch 2

The situation is very unusual because a statement by Shuntaro Furokawa, the president of the Japanese corporation, appeared on Nintendo's official Twitter profile. For the first time, the company issued a statement in which it officially talks about the successor of the Switch.

This is Furukawa, president of Nintendo. We will announce the successor to the Nintendo Switch this fiscal year. It'll be over nine years since we announced the Nintendo Switch in March 2015. There will be a Nintendo Direct in June this year, which will focus on Nintendo Switch games for the second half of 2024. Please note that there will be no mention of a Nintendo Switch successor during this presentation.

– Furokawa wrote on Twitter.

It's worth noting that Nintendo's CEO specifically mentions this fiscal year. This is extremely important because it does not end on December 31, but on March 31, 2025. By then, the Japanese are expected to present Nintendo Switch 2, so the rumors and premiere in the first quarter of 2025 may come true.

The statement caused a great stir among the gaming community. Nintendo has finally said anything about the Switch successor. Many people were amused by how casually the company approached this topic. There were even claims about the most casual console announcement in history.

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