Nintendo zwalnia pracowników. Chodzi o Switcha 2

Nintendo lays off employees. It's about Switch 2

Nintendo is restructuring its testing department. A significant number of subcontractors working for the giant are facing layoffs.

American branch Nintendo getting ready for restructuring its testing department, dealing with quality control of hardware and software. As the Kotaku editorial team found out, some of the subcontractors working there will be employed directly by the Japanese giant, but a significant number of them are facing layoffs. This applies to employees with up to ten years of experience.

Nintendo of America is reducing its testing department

It is not known exactly how many people will be unemployed. However, current employees fear that due to the restructuring and shrinking of the Nintendo testing department, it will not be possible to maintain the high level of refinement for which the company's productions were famous.

The same people also point out that the decision on layoffs preceded a period of drought among new projects commissioned to the testing department. It is speculated that this is the result of the decision of… postponing the release date of Nintendo's new console, “Switch 2”, only for 2025, which would lead to a hole in the giant's publishing plan and – indirectly – to the discussed restructuring.

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