Nintendo zwalcza kopie emulatora Yuzu

Nintendo is going crazy. It's about Switch games

Nintendo's lawyers have their hands full. The company is struggling to run Switch games on computers and smartphones.

Nintendo is conducting another crusade against emulators of its console. This time, the target is Nintendo Switch emulators.

8.5 thousand copies are to disappear

Nintendo's lawyers started by storming the Yuzu emulatorsueallowing you to run Switch games on other x86-64 and ARM64 platforms, on Windows, Linux and Android. Nintendo sued the creators of the program and demanded compensation amounting to USD 2.4 million. The lawsuit caused the Yuzu authors to go out of business and the emulator disappeared from the Internet.

Nintendo refers here to illegal security breaking by the emulator's authors. Yuzu circumvented game security and used an unauthorized cryptographic key to pretend to be a Switch console. Interestingly, the emulator that doesn't do this also got hit. In the meantime, a Yuzu clone called Suyu was created, which required the user to provide their Switch key before starting the game. Although there hasn't been a million-dollar lawsuit (yet?), Suyu's code was removed from GitLab at Nintendo's request.

Yuzu was open source, meaning anyone had access to its code. Fans of the emulator immediately rushed to GitHub and similar platforms to create copies of Yuzu's code and save the program from oblivion. However, Nintendo does not intend to leave this unanswered. A command has been sent to GitHub to delete the entire network of 8535 repositories with copies of Yuzu code. Nintendo uses the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act here.

Two things are worth noting here. First, Nintendo doesn't have access to what Yuzu fans have on their own drives, and it's almost certain that the Yuzu code won't be lost. Secondly, at some point Nintendo stops fighting emulators and thanks to this we have access to games from older consoles. It is possible that when the Switch goes out of sale, Yuzu will return like a phoenix from the ashes.

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