Nintendo stawia na Samsunga. To spora zmiana

Nintendo is betting on Samsung. That's quite a change

New information about the Nintendo Switch 2 console has appeared on the Internet. It seems that cooperation with Samsung will significantly improve memory speed.

Nintendo Switch debuted in 2017 and has sold approximately 140 million copies. The Japanese portable console has proven that many people really like mobile gaming. It was she who pushed the competition to release their devices like Steam Deck Whether ASUS ROG Ally for games known from PC.

Samsung's 5th generation V-NAND has a performance of up to 1.4 GB/s

However, the Switch specification has been around for a long time “smells like a mouse” and the console lacks performance. This is why many people are waiting for the successor, i.e Nintendo Switch 2. And although recent reports suggest that the premiere may be delayedthey appeared on the Internet new information about specifications.

The Wccftech editorial team noticed that former long-time employee of Samsungincluded items on the list of his professional achievements such as: “working on a NAND controller for Nintendo cartridges” and “development of a secure eMMC card using 5th generation V-NAND memory”.

No one should be surprised that Nintendo Switch 2 will require faster reading speeds, a The 5th generation V-NAND from Samsung is a big leap in performance. Of course, compared to the original, because Koreans are already working on 9th and 10th generation memorieswhich are scheduled for release this and next year.

What about the console itself? Unfortunately, there is still no specific information here and we have to rely on rumors. Nintendo Switch 2 will probably focus on the layout NVIDIA T239which significantly it will improve gaming performance, but also the appearance of graphics. Players will have access to, among others: technologies NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing.

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