Nintendo w tarapatach? Japończycy się wycofują

Nintendo in trouble? The Japanese are retreating

We don't have good news for Nintendo fans who are waiting for the new console. The Japanese decided to skip Gamescom this year.

German fair Gamescom it is the largest in Europe and – after E3's death – one of the world's largest events aimed at players. This is where new titles are often announced, consumers have the opportunity to play many games in advance, and sometimes announcements of new devices are also presented.

Nintendo Switch 2 announcement only in September?

Therefore, no one should be surprised that producers, publishers, players and journalists from all over the world appear here. AND Unfortunately, there will be no Nintendo this year. This is even more important because, according to many sources, the first demonstrations took place behind closed doors at Gamescom 2023. Nintendo Switch 2.

Thus it suggests that The Japanese are not ready to premiere their new console, or at least its official presentation. Currently, it is speculated that Nintendo Switch 2 will appear only in 2025. That's a lot of waiting, especially when the competition in the handheld market is growing day by day – Steam Deck, ROG Ally e.t.c.

Gamescom is a great event and every year we evaluate whether Nintendo should participate or not. After carefully considering all prospects, we have decided that we will not be present at Gamescom 2024. Players will have the opportunity to try out Nintendo Switch games at other events throughout the year.

-Nintendo UK

We will have to wait until May for more details. This is when Nintendo will reveal its plans for the next fiscal year, which will last until March 2025. Another good date for the presentation of Nintendo Switch 2 would be around September, when the event takes place Nintendo Direct.

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