Nigeryjscy oszuści z Lublina uwodzili kobiety udając amerykańskich żołnierzy

Nigerians from Lublin pretended to be American soldiers

Lublin police officers of the Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime detained four Nigerian citizens operating in an organized criminal group. The criminals posed as American soldiers “in need” and company employees, thus committing numerous extortions.

They seduced women and then asked for money

The first method of fraud that the police accuses those detained is the so-called American soldier. It started with innocent flirting on social media platforms, during which criminals posed as peacekeepers. They used various types of social engineering, thanks to which they quickly managed to gain the trust of the victims. Then there were requests to deposit large amounts into bank accounts. The money was supposed to be donated to supposedly help themselves or the families of the fake soldiers.

They also contacted companies as part of BEC attacks

The second main method used by the captured Nigerians was BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks. This attack involves impersonating real entities with which a given company cooperates. The victim is convinced that the company’s bank account has changed, and transfers should be made to the new one provided by the criminals. For the purposes of transfers, criminals used accounts opened on the basis of stolen identities of other people.

Secured PLN 140,000 PLN, but this is just the beginning

As a result of searches in rented apartments, 4 people suspected of committing the above were arrested. crimes and a number of items were seized, such as mobile phones, SIM cards, portable computers and identity documents belonging to citizens of other countries. Some of the documents were listed as lost in EU countries. The police also found numerous ATM cards with the details of people other than those detained, which the suspects used to withdraw money. About 68,000 items were also found in the apartments. PLN in various currencies, and another PLN 70,000. PLN the police seized in bank accounts.

As the police add, the case is of a developing nature, a frauds were committed both in Poland and in other countries. In accordance with the court’s decision, the police applied force to all detainees temporary arrests.

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