New Thomson LED and QLED TVs: simple, accessible and responsible

The Thomson brand has just presented part of its new series of televisions for the year 2023. No less than 40 models of different sizes and display technologies are thus available or will be in the coming weeks before the arrival of other TVs with Mini-LED and OLED panels. In the meantime, here are all the details on the more affordable LED and QLED series.

Alongside the major brands known and recognized in the world of television, Thomson intends to defend its chances in an ultra-competitive market. For this, the brand sets up a line up covering the needs of users by offering devices benefiting from extensive experience in the field. Thus, it highlights the criteria of simplicity of use, financial accessibility and responsibility, particularly for the electrical consumption of devices. Concrete illustration: no 8K TV at Thomson. In addition, the brand relies on a particularly high repairability index and intends to offer financing solutions for the most modest people, including students, for example. Thomson guarantees its televisions for three years and the products are assembled in Europe.

All Thomson 2023 televisions come with a remote control that offers a few buttons for maximum simplicity, but above all that has a backlight system. Note that it is possible, for the oldest people or those who want an even simpler control accessory, to order on the brand’s website an optimized remote control containing enlarged and fewer keys. Thomson offers non-connected televisions and others under Android TV, thus addressing as wide an audience as possible, depending on their needs.

QA7S13 and QA7C13: Premium QLED models

The most high-end models presented at the moment are represented by TVs carrying an LCD panel with a Quantum Dots panel and benefiting from an integrated sound bar with a Premium design. These are the QA7S13 series for the 43, 50 and 55 inch models and QA7C13 for the 65 and 75 inch sizes.

They are all capable of displaying Ultra HD definition on their 10-bit panel supporting HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies. They are powered by a quad-core processor running Android TV with the Chromecast function to send multimedia content wirelessly, from a mobile device, for example.

The televisions of these two series are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible with 4 HDMI inputs and two USB sockets. The QA7S13 and QA7C13 series TVs feature an integrated soundbar that underlines the screen delivering 20 watts of power and supporting Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology. The QA7S13 series rests on two legs at the ends while the QA7C13 series uses a central leg allowing the TV to be installed on a narrow piece of furniture.

The QA7S13 and QA7C13 series will be available in July. The 43-inch Thomson 43QA7S13 television will be offered at 479 euros. Count 529 euros for the 50-inch 50QAS13, 579 euros for the 55-inch 55QA7S13, 799 euros for the 65-inch 65QA7C13 and 1,190 euros for the 75-inch 75QA7C13.

QA2S13 series: QLED TVs running Android TV

The QA2S13 series includes TVs from 43 up to 85 inches. They embed an LCD panel with a Quantum Dots panel and capable of displaying Ultra HD definition. They are also compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision video formats and benefit from a quad-core processor and are animated by Android TV with the Chromecast function.

The QA2S13 series is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. It offers 4 HDMI inputs and comes with a backlit remote control.

On the audio side, no sound bar here, but two speakers of 10 watts each and compatibility with the Dolby Atmos format. The QA2S13 series televisions are available in June.

The 43QA2S13 TV is offered at a price of 399 euros. Count on a price of 449 euros for the 50QA2S13 of 50 inches, 499 euros for the 55QA2S13 of 55 inches, 649 euros for the 65QA2S13 of 65 inches, 1090 euros for the 75QA2S13 of 75 inches and 1990 euros for the very large 85QA2S13 of 85 inches.

UA5S13 series: up to 85 inches

The UA5S13 series is particularly wide as well since it includes models from 43 inches up to 85 inches. They are connected under Android TV with the Chromecast function and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. They use an LCD panel with LED backlighting capable of displaying Ultra HD definition and support HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. You can count on a quad-core processor inside for image processing and animation.

There are 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs as well as two USB sockets to play multimedia content directly. For audio, there are two speakers of 10 watts each with Dolby Atmos format support. The models of this series are already available.

The 43-inch Thomson 43UA5S13 TV is offered at a price of 329 euros. Count on a price of 379 euros for the 50UA5S13 of 50 inches, 429 euros for the 55UA5S13 of 55 inches, 579 euros for the 65UA5S13 of 65 inches, 899 euros for the 75UA5S13 of 75 inches and 1690 euros for the 85UA5S13 of 85 inches.

HA2S13 and FA2S13 series for HD or Full HD definition

The last two series of connected TVs, Thomson HA2S13 and FA2S13 are made up of 4 models of 24, 32, 40 and 43 inches. More specifically, the HA2S13 series offers a panel with HD definition at 24 and 32 inches, while the FA2S13 series can display Full HD definition at 32, 40 and 43 inches. They use two feet to support the screen which offers extremely thin edges to leave as much room as possible for the image. Note that the 24 and 32 inch models offer two positions for the feet.

The TVs in these series are powered by a quad-core SoC and Android TV with the Chromecast function. Voice control is possible, as on previous series.

Count on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. There are 3 HDMI 1.4 inputs with two USB sockets. For audio, the TVs have two speakers of 8 watts each.

The Thomson 24HA2S13 24-inch HD television is available for 189 euros. Count on a price of 199 euros for the 32HA2S13 32-inch HD, 249 euros for the 32FA2S13 32-inch Full HD, 269 euros for the 40FA2S13 40-inch Full HD and 299 euros for the 43FA2S13 43-inch Full HD.

Note that some models are also available in white under the references 24HA2S13W (HD) at 219 euros for 24 inches, 32HA2S13W (HD) of 32 inches at 249 euros and 299 euros for the 40FA2S13W of 40 inches Full HD.

HD2S13 and FD2S13 series: unconnected, but affordable

Finally, the most affordable, non-connected series are represented by the HD2S13 and FD2S13 ranges, respectively for LCD panels capable of displaying HD and Full HD definition. They are installed on two legs with two possible positions for the 24 and 32 inch models, but only one possibility for the 40 and 43 inch models. Here too, the design has been thought out to offer maximum space for the image, in particular with particularly thin edges.

We can count on the presence of three HDMI 1.4 inputs as well as two USB ports with a triple tuner. The TVs come with the new backlit remote control.

All sizes of this series are already available. Count on a price of 169 euros for the 24-inch HD 24HD2S13, 189 euros for the 32-inch HD 32HD2S13, 249 euros for the 40-inch Full HD 40FD2S13 and 279 euros for the 43-inch Full HD 43FD2S13.

Note, here too, that the references 24HD2S13W (199 euros), 32HD2S13W (219 euros) and 40FD2S13W (279 euros) are offered in white.

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