Nowy podatek od 1 lipca? Nie każdy go zapłaci

New tax from July 1? Not everyone will pay it

In July, the Tax Office will receive data on those selling products via digital platforms such as Allegro, OLX or Vinted. Does this mean introducing a new tax?

From July 1, regulations implementing the EU DAC-7 directive enter into force in Poland. By that date, digital platforms will be obliged to report to the Tax Office about all sellers who exceed 30 transactions or their amount exceeds PLN 2,000. euro.

Importantly, the regulations enter into force with a significant delay, as they should apply from January 1, 2023. Therefore, Allegro, OLX and Vinted will have to submit data to the tax office from the beginning of 2023. Many people fear that this will mean new taxes. And what is it like in reality? Rzeczpospolita writes about it.

The DAC-7 directive and taxes

Radosław Żuk, tax advisor and partner at the KZP law firm, points out that the applicable limits are not high and even people who occasionally sell something online may be included on the list. He gives the example of a mother who gets rid of the clothes of a child who has outgrown them. If someone gets caught and is therefore recognized as an entrepreneur, he or she will have to pay tax.

The tax office may assess the PIT arrears and decide that we should also pay VAT. ZUS will also take its share. We may receive a penalty under the Penal Fiscal Code.

– says Radosław Żuk.

At the same time, experts reassure us that not everyone who exceeds the limits will immediately be recognized as an entrepreneur and will have to pay outstanding tax. For example, the sale of private items, e.g. children's clothes, is not a business activity, so in such cases there is no reason to worry. The DAC-7 directive will certainly make life easier for the tax office, which has been monitoring online sales sites for a long time and was able to summon specific people for explanations. However, information about the new tax is greatly exaggerated.

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