Od lipca nowa naklejka na samochodach. Nie masz? Dostaniesz mandat

New sticker on cars from July. You do not have? You'll get a ticket

From July 1, the first Clean Transport Zone will come into force in Poland. For drivers, this means a new obligation and the risk of fines.

From July 1, the first Clean Transport Zone in Poland will come into force in Warsaw. This will include, among others, the entire Śródmieście and parts of the central districts. According to the regulations, it is not possible to enter there with any car. Cars must meet exhaust emission requirements. Without it, you risk being fined, reports Dziennik.pl.

A sticker on the window or a ticket

If someone wants to drive their car into the Clean Transport Zone, they should have a special sticker on their windshield that authorizes them to do so. It is issued by the commune head, mayor or city president for a fee of no more than PLN 5. Details are specified in Article 39 of the Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels:

Motor vehicles authorized to enter the clean transport zone are marked with a sticker placed in the lower left corner of the vehicle's windshield. (…) The sticker is issued by the commune head, mayor or city president for a fee, the maximum amount of which is PLN 5.

– reads the recipe.

From July 1, petrol cars that meet the Euro 2 standard (1997 or newer), as well as diesel cars that meet the Euro 4 standard (2005 and newer), will be able to enter SCT. Importantly, in most cases (at the time of inspection), data regarding compliance with the requirements can be confirmed in the Central Vehicle Register. In such a situation, the sticker will not be required. However, if the data is not sufficient, you may receive a fine of PLN 500 for not marking it.

In Warsaw, cars will be controlled, among others, using a camera system that will check registration numbers and detect the presence of new stickers on the windshield. In addition, the police and city guards will also conduct random inspections. It is also worth mentioning that cars that do not meet the standards will be able to enter the zone four times a year without being fined.

It is true that Warsaw is the first to introduce the Clean Transport System, but other Polish cities also have similar plans. It is possible that SCT will also start in Krakow from July. In addition, work is also underway in Toruń, Lublin, Poznań, Gliwice, Wrocław and Rzeszów. This is also important because, for example, a sticker issued in Krakow will not entitle you to enter the SCT in Warsaw.

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