Paczkomaty z nowością. Chyba każdy na to czekał

New parcel lockers. I guess everyone was waiting for this

Although InPost parcel lockers already operate in several European countries, so far they have not been connected to each other. This will change soon.

Currently, InPost operates in 9 European countries. These are: Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Despite such a huge reach, the company did not offer international shipments. This is expected to change this year, reports the Commercial News website.

Parcel locker to Great Britain

Rafał Brzoska, president of InPost, confirmed that international shipments between parcel lockers in different countries will be introduced later this year, where the Polish company operates. For now, I don't want to reveal a specific date, but it is one of the projects for the coming months.

This is one of the projects that will see the light of day in 2024. I won't give the date yet, I will only say that we are going according to plan and there will be a chance to send gifts to friends or family in Portugal from a Polish machine this year.

– said Rafał Brzoska.

The president of InPost also noted that the company already has experience in international shipments. In 2023 alone, it completed as many as 50 million of them, because individual markets were combined, e.g. France with Italy or Spain with Portugal. International shipments are to be available to everyone, i.e. both individual customers and corporate customers, including stores.

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