new offers, new prices and finally a web client

Shadow unveils a new cloud computing offer in France. On the program, a new price list and above all the arrival of access from any browser.

In May 2022, Shadow made its big comeback to the cloud compute market after the company was taken over by Octave Klaba. A year later, the firm invited us to a conference to present its strategy and a new offer, available now.

As a reminder, the Shadow PC offer is a subscription allowing access to a virtual PC in the cloud. This allows access to a machine with interesting computing power from any device, even a cheap or aging laptop. Unlike cloud gaming offers, there is no question of a game catalog here since you have control over a complete Windows PC. You install and run whatever you want. If the service was originally aimed at video games, it has since extended to content creators or 3D professions.

Finally Shadow in a browser

You can access your PC Shadow from a large number of devices thanks to the wide availability of the official application: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, GNU / Linux, Meta or even the Raspberry Pi. A means of access escaped however to Shadow, and yet it is one of the most important, access from the Web.

It is now fixed. By the end of July, all Shadow subscribers will be able to access their machines from a simple web browser. This makes access much more convenient, especially from a machine that you don’t own. The firm gave the example for a sales representative in the field to be able to make a presentation to the client from one of its machines.

Price up, storage up

This conference was therefore an opportunity to present a new Shadow PC offer. No more package at 29.99 euros per month, you will now have to pay 32.99 euros to have a PC in the cloud. To accompany this price increase of 3 euros per month, Shadow increases the SSD storage from 256 GB to 512 GB. It should be noted that an option was already offered at 2.99 euros to add storage, but this is 256 GB on hard disk and not on SSD.

The Power offer also increases to 512 GB of storage and Shadow also increases the RAM capacity from 16 to 28 GB. Again the price increases, the option goes from 14.99 euros per month in addition to the basic subscription, at 16.99 euros per month. This means an increase of 5 euros per month on the total bill.

These new plans are available to new subscribers starting today.

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