Nowość w Polsat Box Go. Gwiazdy podzielą się swoimi historiami

New in Polsat Box Go. Stars will share their stories

Unilimited is a new videocast that debuts on the Polsat Box Go website. The guests of the program hosted by Krzysztof Machajski will be people from broadly understood show business who will share their stories with the viewers. The first episode is now available.

A new videocast is starting on the Polsat Box Go platform “Unlimited”. Krzysztof Machajski invites stars to the studio. These are people for whom there are no limits, who use their popularity to do great things, as well as those who achieved their success in life or professionally thanks to the fact that they live unlimitedaccording to their own rules and principles.

The first guest of the host of “Unlimited” is a dancer, an international dance judge and a juror in the program “Dancing With The Stars – Taniec z Gwiazdami” – Iwona Pavlović. In an honest conversation with Krzysztof, the charismatic star talks openly about his role in the Polsat dance show, about changes and his approach to life.

Polsat Box Go Unlimited

The key to inviting stars to the new videocast will be primarily the premieres of series and programs on Polsat Box Go, but also current, hot showbiz events. The following people will be invited to participate: actors, athletes, artists, journalists and creators. There will be no time or thematic frames here. Everything follows the principle: there are no limits here.

– informs the Polsat Box Go website

In addition to the conversation, the invited guests will also receive two permanent elements of the program:

  • Press release – an overview of what the network and newspapers carry about the characters. What picture does the media paint? Does the media world reflect the true face of guests?
  • Vox Populi – own street poll. Directly from Warsaw, without any barriers, journalists ask residents about their opinion about guests.

Further episodes of the “Unlimited” program will be released every two weeks, on Fridays. Access to it will be available in the following packages: Premium, Start and Polonia as well as Polsat Box Go Plus. It will also be available in audio form on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music.

Polsat Box Go Unlimited

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