new films and series in October 2023

The month of October necessarily rhymes with Halloween festivities and like every year, Netflix adapts the new releases in its catalog accordingly. Here is the complete list of film and series content that will gradually arrive on the platform this month.

A new start to the month necessarily means a new wave of content on SVoD platforms. Netflix is ​​first with a new round of films and series and an emphasis on the famous Halloween period. So there are well-known films of the horror genre like Conjuring or Annabelle and others more oriented towards the tone of humor like all of the films Scary Movie. But Netflix also has other content to offer this month. Let’s do a check in.

Series releases on Netflix in October 2023

Lupine (Part 3): October 5

One of the biggest successes (surprise?) of the platform is a French series: Lupine. In this third season, we still find the adventures of Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy. A very cunning man and great fan of the stories of Arsène Lupin, bruised by the death of his father, accused of a crime he did not commit. The seven new episodes of season 3 of Lupine will be available on Netflix from October 5.

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Everything now: October 5

Everything Now is a short story written by Ripley Parker, a young 22-year-old British screenwriter and producer with a promising career and which will arrive on October 5. We discover the life of Mia Polanco, a 16-year-old British woman who comes out of a long stay in hospital due to anorexia. When she returns to school, she quickly realizes that her friends’ lives have changed a lot since she left.

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Bodysuits: October 19

Bodysuits is a crime series with a particularly intriguing pitch: four London police officers investigate the same murder (an unidentified body found in Whitechapel) at four different times and discover a strange conspiracy that has been going on for 150 years. It’s coming October 19.

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New series arriving on Netflix in September 2023

  • October 5:
    • Lupine (Part 3)
    • Everything now
  • October 12:
    • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • October 17:
  • October 19:
  • October 20:
    • Big Mouth (season 7)
    • Elite (season 7)
  • October 24:
    • The Justice League (season 1)

The must-see films on Netflix in October 2023

Portrait of a young girl on fire: available

Released in 2019, the plot of Portrait of a girl on fire Its plot takes place in 1770. Marianne, a painter, must paint the wedding portrait of Héloïse who has just left the convent. The latter refuses marriage and does not agree to pose. Marianne is therefore presented to Héloïse as a lady-in-waiting in order to observe her closely in order to be able to copy her features on the canvas. However, over time, the bond between the two women strengthens to the point of developing a complicit but forbidden romance.

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Gemini Man: October 11

In Gemini Man, Will Smith plays a soldier specializing in high-flying assassinations, confronted with his own clone, responsible for eliminating the cumbersome veteran. The film is above all designed to be a high-end visual experience given how it was shot (Filmed in 3D HFR 120 FPS) and it will be curious to see if the small screen will be able to do it justice.

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New films coming to Netflix in October 2023

  • October 1st :
    • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind
    • birth of octopuses
    • Tomboy
    • gang of girls
    • Portrait of a girl on fire
    • Conjuring: The Warren Files
    • Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case
    • Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil
    • First name
    • Charlie and the chocolate factory
  • October 5:
    • Exceptional
    • our happy days
  • October 6:
    • Fair Play
    • Minions 2
    • The Craft – The new witches
  • October 11:
  • October 13:
    • Spy Kids
    • Spy Kids: Budding spies
    • Spy Kids 3: Mission 3D
  • October 15:
    • Chicken Run
    • Scary Movie
    • Scary Movie 2
    • Scary Movie 3
  • 21st of October :
  • October 22:
  • October 25:
    • Looking forward to being betrayed
  • October 27:
    • Pain merchants
    • The Orders of Evil

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