new features and compatible Macs

macOS Sonoma can be downloaded and installed on compatible Mac computers. Here is the list of devices concerned as well as the new features to remember.

Hop! macOS Sonoma is now available in stable version from this Tuesday September 26, 2023 as indicated on the official Apple page. The opportunity to review some new features and list the Macs compatible with the new version of the operating system that Apple presented during WWDC 2023. Until now, the OS was available in public beta.

Macs compatible with macOS Sonoma

Here is the list of Macs (iMac and MacBook included) compatible with the stable version of macOS Sonoma.

Compatible MacBook Pros

Compatible MacBook Airs

Mac Pro compatible

Mac Studio compatible

Mac mini compatible

Compatible iMacs

Compatible iMac Pro

What’s new in macOS Sonoma

Here are several new features to remember.

Lock screen and desktop

macOS Sonoma adds new slow-motion screensavers: they display new locations. When you log in, they become your wallpaper. This new version obviously brings its share of new wallpapers.

Additionally, new desktop widgets are available. Enough to listen to a podcast or control your connected lights. Which makes your Mac feel a little more like an iPad or iPhone. In this regard, the Continuity application allows you to add the widgets in place on your iPhone directly to Mac, without even having to install the relevant applications.

Video conferencing on FaceTime is getting better

When you share your screen on Mac, the image from your camera will be able to appear superimposed, either large or small. You can even move the bubble that appears to place it where you want and thus avoid hiding important elements. Speaking of screen sharing, you can also share one or more applications directly from the window you are in.

FaceTime also adds reactions that fill the frame of a camera, all with 3D augmented reality effects: hearts, confetti, fireworks, etc.

Safari is a little more complete

From Safari, you can add the websites you want as web applications in the Dock, via the File menu. Enough to adapt sites to the application format: they can send notifications for example. Safari finally adds profiles: like on Chrome, this allows you to separate history, extensions, tab groups, cookies and even favorites.

Private browsing becomes a little more protected: when windows are not used, loading trackers is blocked by Safari and tracking that can be added to URLs is removed. You can now create a group with several people and thus share account passwords: they remain up to date for all members even if they are modified. You can obviously remove anyone from a group at any time.

It’s easier to search for a message in… Messages

The macOS messaging application sees the possibility of combining search filters when looking for a specific message. In addition to that, an arrow appears in conversations that you have not yet read: clicking on it takes you back to the first message that you have not read. Enough to pick up a discussion thread where we left off.

Via the button “More», you can now share your position or ask for that of your correspondent. When a location is shared with us, we can directly consult it in the conversation, like iOS in particular.

PDF filling is even more automatic

In Pages, Apple is adding an improved autofill feature: it allows you to use information from your contacts to fill out a PDF or scanned document more quickly.

Another change made: the possibility of adding links from one note to another. As in Notion, this allows you to link notes together, to create a sort of wiki for example.

A smarter keyboard

Apple indicates that the automatic correction is more efficient. Since it can still be wrong, macOS Sonoma displays the words it has corrected temporarily. An underline appears in the text you have typed in order to know which words have been corrected: with one click, you can return to the previous version of said word.

The mode “Game” made his appearance

macOS Sonoma finally adds a mode dedicated to video games. It prioritizes games on your Mac’s processor and graphics card. In fact, it is the use of components by background programs that is reduced. On the other hand, latency with wireless accessories is reduced for better responsiveness. Convenient for AirPods or a Bluetooth controller.

This also helps prepare for the arrival of video games for Windows on macOS. Indeed, Apple is working on a game porting tool allowing developers to make their titles compatible on macOS. For the moment, although it is insufficient on many points, it seems very promising.

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