Nowe szczegóły na temat Intel Arrow Lake-S

New details on Intel Arrow Lake-S

It seems that the premiere of new Intel processors is getting closer. Information about the Arrow Lake-S family has appeared on the Internet.

It is no secret that both AMDWhat Intel are getting ready to premiere new processors for desktop computers. The series is scheduled to hit the market this year AMD Ryzen 9000 and Intel Arrow Lake-S. It is quite probable that they will be presented at the fair in June Computex 2024.

Intel Arrow Lake-S will offer up to 24 cores and 24 threads

Despite the Red and Blue's attempts to maintain secrecy, new rumors and leaks appear on the Internet all the time. This time, a reliable source revealed the secret about the new name.

It looks like the unlocked Intel Arrow Lake-S desktop processors will be called Intel Core Ultra 9 285K(F), Core Ultra 7 265K(F) and Core Ultra 5 245K(F). These will be the first variants to hit the market. Later, cheaper, locked Core Ultra 7 275, Core Ultra 5 255 and 240 will also appear.

New details about the Intel Arrow Lake-S series

Unfortunately, the specifications still remain a secret. The only certain information is this the need to purchase new discs main ones with Intel 800 chipsets and socket LGA 1851. The rest is speculation, but there is talk of a maximum of 24 cores and 24 threads in the flagship model, with the basic one TDP up to 125 W.

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