Nowe procesory AMD nie dla użytkowników Windowsa 10

New AMD Strix Point processor tested. Fulfills promises

The first tests of the AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 processor have appeared online. The results show that it fulfills the promises made by the Reds.

Recently, AMD presented the first processors from the Strix Point series, which are to be used primarily in laptops. Although we do not know the official date of their debut yet, the first computers should appear on store shelves in mid-July at the earliest. Meanwhile, one of the users has already found such a device and tested it.

AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 performance

At first glance, AMD prepared two systems: the more powerful Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and the weaker Ryzen AI 9 365. It was the latter that was to be tested by David Huang. We do not know whether it was an engineering model or perhaps a variant that will be available to users. Despite this, the results are interesting.

AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 is to be clocked at up to 5.0 GHz on efficient Zen 5 cores. Tests showed clocks of 4.8 GHz for the Zen 5 units and 3.3 GHz for the energy-saving Zen 5c. It is also worth mentioning that the tested computer was equipped with 32 GB of LPDDR5X 7500 MT/s memory.

David Huang conducted tests in, among others, Geekbench 5 and Geekbench 6. In the first one, the IPC performance increase was 17.6 percent. in the single-core test. In turn, in the newer version, Geekbench 6, the improvement is about 15%. This is in line with what AMD promised at its presentation, they mention an average 16 percent performance increase over Zen 4.

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