Nowe karty graficzne AMD nie będą konkurencją dla NVIDII

New AMD graphics cards will not compete with NVIDIA

AMD Radeon RX 8000 graphics cards are not intended to compete with GeForce RTX 50 models, at least in one increasingly important aspect.

For some time now, we have been receiving information that AMD intends to slow down the next generation of graphics cards. The Reds do not intend to compete with NVIDIA for the upper hand and the title of having the most powerful model on the market. The company intends to focus on the mid-range, but even this one will be worse than its rival in one aspect.

AMD giving up the fight against NVIDIA?

Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards are competitive with NVIDIA in terms of performance in standard rasterization. At the same time, they lag behind their rivals in terms of Ray Tracing performance and energy consumption. The next generation is not going to change anything in this matter. Moreover, the Greens can gain an even greater advantage over their competitors.

AMD is preparing two models of graphics cards that will be competitive with the GeForce RTX 4070. Their biggest advantage is lower prices. At the same time, the cards will lag behind the RTX 5070 models, which will probably be more expensive, but at the same time much more powerful.

The first model is known as the N48. It is expected to offer slightly worse performance than the RX 7900 XT, but at a price of around $500. The second variant is N44. This one, in terms of performance, is expected to fall somewhere between the RX 7600 and RX 7700 XT at a price of under $300. Apparently, an amount as low as $199 cannot be ruled out.

Both cards are expected to offer approximately a 25 percent increase in Ray Tracing performance, but this will still not be enough to compete with NVIDIA in this aspect. The Greens will focus even more on performance in RT, so the advantage over AMD will probably increase even further.

The Radeon RX 8000 series and the RDNA 4 architecture are supposed to be transitional for AMD in their own way. Only the RDNA 5 (RX 9000) models, which will debut in 2025, are expected to bring a greater revolution.

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