Netia ma nową ofertę dla hoteli. To telewizja z chmury

Netia has a new offer for hotels. It's cloud TV

Netia boasts that it is the first operator in Poland and the region to introduce a hotel TV service from the cloud to its business offer, i.e. without a head-end station in the facility (head-end-less). Thanks to this, the offer is affordable even for the smallest hotels.

Netia has introduced it to its offer Television for hotels in the cloud version, i.e. without a head-end station. This is a groundbreaking solution and the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The service uses technologies such as: end2end encryption using DRM (Pro:Idiom and Samsung DRM), from the distribution point to the smart TV receiver and an additional mechanism for distributing license keys to TVs. According to the operator, they ensure very high security of transmitted content.

The service is available from the cloud in a subscription model, so it does not require the installation of additional devices. Therefore, hotels do not have to incur any investment outlays and have almost immediate access to it. If the hotel has been equipped with an internal IP network and Smart TV receiversNetia is able to deliver comprehensive digital television service (over 60 channels, most in HD), along with an interactive platform for managing self-promotional content Otrum TV, within 7 days of signing the contract.

With the new service, Netia follows the global trend in providing hotel television services in IP technology. The cloud is a solution that allows for the provision of more advanced services supporting sales to hotel customers and optimizing monthly business maintenance costs.

Apart from the great satisfaction of being a pioneer of new technology in this part of Europe, I am also convinced that the new solution will significantly reduce implementation costs for the hotels themselves, as well as shorten the delivery process to a minimum. Moreover, thanks to the redundancy of the central content distribution point, the cloud solution guarantees significantly higher business continuity rates.

– said Krzysztof Jaworski, Senior Product Manager in the Advanced ICT Solutions Department (NetiaNext), Netia SA

As Netia assures, this is the debut of the service in the new technology does not eliminate the traditional version of the solution, which is already well known in many hotels, but is its complement. Similarly to other services that are also eagerly used by hotels (e.g. Business Internet Access, Netia Wi-Fi, WLAN network management, Unified Communication, Content Filtering – DNS Shield, Managed UTM, Cloud Firewall, CCTV video monitoring), there is also Netia Television for Hotels supported by the operator 24/7. Additional information about the service can be found at this address.

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