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Netflix's big hit with a release date. It's getting closer

At the beginning of the year, Netflix shared some details about the return of the all-time series “Squid Game”. However, he did not provide a release date. The series' main star Lee Jung-jae just revealed the probable date.

At the beginning of the year, Netflix shared some photos from the set and some behind-the-scenes information about the season's production. However, the most important date was not announced. Release date.

“Squid Game 2” premiere in December?

The main star of the series, Lee Jung-jae, in one of her interviews, revealed that the premiere of the new season of the series should take place at the end of the year. This is undoubtedly something concrete. The actor confessed this while appearing on the red carpet for the premiere of the Disney+ film “The Acolyte”, in which he stars.

Sqiud Game will be released in December.

Lee Jung-jae said.

No details have been provided, and Netflix has not yet commented on the actor's appearance. One thing is certain, it's going to be an attractive Christmas. There is something to look forward to.

We can expect an increase in the marketing campaign for “Squid Game 2” probably in the fall. It's worth being vigilant, because Netflix may surprise us with a trailer in September or October.

Let us remind you that “Squid Game” made its Netflix debut in September 2021. At one point it actually became an international hit. It recorded 2.205 billion hours watched within 91 hours of its premiere. This record result has never been broken by any other series.

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