Netflix w tym roku podniesie ceny i to znacząco. Nie ominie to Polski

Netflix will raise prices this year, significantly. Poland will not be spared this

Although Netflix is ​​already one of the most expensive streaming platforms, the company has no intention of stopping. We should expect another price increase this year.

Netflix is ​​one of the most expensive streaming services. We have to pay much less for access to the largest competitors, including Max, Disney+ and SkyShowtime. However, this does not bother the company and there will probably be another increase this year, which may also affect Poland.

Netflix will increase package prices

These conclusions were drawn by experts from the analytical company UBS Securities. In their opinion, this year we should expect an even 15% increase in prices for Netflix packages. The increase is to be caused by the desire to increase the company’s revenues. Netflix wants to grow by as much as 15% in 2024, whereas in 2023 the revenue growth was 7%.

The opinion is partly based on the words of Greg Peters, who is one of the company’s presidents. During the conference call on the fourth quarter of 2023 results, he said that they had recently refrained from raising prices. This year they are not going to do that anymore. The increases will certainly affect the largest markets, including the American, British and French, but it cannot be ruled out that also Poland.

We will continue to monitor other countries and try to assess whether we will provide enough additional entertainment value to ask customers to pay a little more and maintain this positive flywheel that allows us to invest in more great movies, series and games for these members. To sum up, we can say that we are returning to normal operations.

Peters said.

That is why we cannot rule out that the increases will also affect Poland. In fact, UBS Securities predicts that this will happen. The price increase is expected to affect most countries and it is hard to expect that we will not be affected.

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