Bridgertonowie i inne premiery Netflix

Netflix launches a barrage of hits in May. You must not miss this

Like every month, Netflix prepares a handful of interesting films for its users to watch. May is very rich in this respect. We tell you what is worth seeing.

Netflix is ​​famous for its ability to attract viewers' attention. In May, there will be a continuation of the long-awaited series “Bridgertons”, the premiere of the film “Mr. Kleks Academy” and the spectacular film “Atlas” with Jennifer Lopez in the main role. Here are 5 items worth seeing first.

1. The Bridgertons are back in the living rooms with a bang

This is the 3rd season about the adventures of high society. The Bridgerton costume series will bring a lot of excitement to fans of court intrigues and ballroom theatrics. Let us remind you that the premiere of the series is probably the longest-awaited premiere of recent times. Considering that Netflix released its last episodes in March 2022, fans may have felt quite disappointed with the wait. Unfortunately, the delays were caused by the strikes of scriptwriters and actors that took place at that time.

2. “Mr. Kleks' Academy”, a modernized version of the cinema hit from years ago

This is a proposition for children, but not entirely. Recommended for ages 7 and up, this is a film for the whole family. It is a cinema hit with a slightly feminizing note, which once again takes us into the world, this time, of Ada Niezgódka, a student of Mr. Kleks' Academy. This is nothing more than a modern version of the all-time famous production. We will again see Piotr Fronczewski, Tomasz Kot and Antonin Litwiniak in the cast.

Mr. Kleks's Academy on Netflix

3. “Colors of Evil: Red” our domestic thriller

It must be admitted that this Polish film proposal promises to be very good. This thriller with a murder in the background is a film adaptation of the book by Małgorzata Oliwia Sobczak. The cast includes Jakub Gierszał and Maja Ostaszewska. Therefore, there is little chance that something will go wrong.

Colors of evil: Red

4. “Atlas” – will Jennifer Lopez be able to save the human species?

May had to include a sci-fi thriller. This time, Jennifer Lopez will play the role of an anti-terrorist analyst who will spare no effort to save the human species. Will she be able to overcome artificial intelligence? Unexpected alliances will come to the rescue and one thing is certain – there will be plenty of action.

Atlas - flim Netflix

5. “Without icing”, or the backstage of the breakfast cereal industry

This is a completely new, very nice film proposal from the Netflix platform. It's a light comedy with Jerry Seinfeld and Melissa McCarthy, who will tell us about the behind-the-scenes of the breakfast cereal industry. Yes, completely without icing and with a wink. Together with the heroes, we will go to the 1960s, when companies compete with each other in trying to create a cookie that will change breakfasts forever.

No Netflix sugarcoating

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