Reklamy na Netflixie okazały się hitem. Znamy szczegóły

Netflix ads turned out to be a hit. We know the details

Netflix boasted how many people already use the cheapest package with ads. You will be surprised.

In November 2022, Netflix introduced the cheapest package with ads. The announcement itself caused quite a stir among platform users. There was no shortage of words of criticism and traditional declarations of resignation from the platform's services. However, the reality turned out to be different. Ads are a hit on Netflix.

Ads on Netflix are a bull's-eye

Netflix revealed that 40 million users of the platform already use the cheapest package with advertising. Taking into account that the total number of users of the website is 270 million around the world, films and series with advertising are watched by almost 15%. people using Netflix. Quite a good result, considering how initially many people were outraged by the website's plans.

However, this number is not the most impressive. Netflix admitted that among new users, over 40 percent decides on the cheapest version of the package with promotional materials. This just shows how good an idea it was to introduce it. It cannot be denied that price is of great importance here. The package with ads costs only $6.99, while the next one on offer costs $15.59.

No wonder other streaming platforms want to follow in Netflix's footsteps. The ad-supported plan was introduced by, among others, Disney+ and SkyShowtime. In the case of the latter, we can also use the package in Poland, which cannot be said about the other rivals.

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