Nest with a big news.  The bank announces a revolution

Nest with a big news. The bank announces a revolution

Nest Bank announces that it will soon launch N!Asystent. It will be an AI assistant based on the GPT-4 language model provided by Microsoft, something much better than a traditional chatbot.

As Nest promises, thanks to N!Assistant, its customers will be able to talk to the bank in natural languageorder intelligent analyzes of your expenses, and perform banking operations using voice communication. This will be the first solution of this type offered by a Polish bank.

N!Asystent will be an expert in the Nest offer. It will tell you how to handle a specific matter at the bank, but it can also provide support in managing your personal finances. It will check our spending pace, will assess whether the budget will be tight at the end of the month and will calculate, how much you need to save for a trip abroad. In the future, it will also help a customer who has lost his payment card or enable him to order a transfer.

The bank announces that a range of functions will be available via N!Asystent will be constantly developed.

The technology will be provided by Microsoft

N!Asystent is to be clearly different from traditional chatbots that have been operating in banks for years. First of all, you can with it talk like you would with a human – that is, natural language. Nest Bank solution is based on the GPT-4 modelavailable thanks to the service Microsoft Azure OpenAI. N!Assistant will understand complex context and provide simple answers to complicated questions.

N!Assistant will be available in the Nest Bank mobile application. Initially for selected customers, version pilot project.

We will start with simple functions, i.e. the ability to talk about the bank’s offer as well as the history of your transactions. We will gradually develop it. We want it to respond to the real needs of our customers. Therefore, the final shape of the assistant will be decided by its first users. It is from their opinions that we will draw conclusions and turn them into specific functions

– announces Janusz Mieloszyk, first vice-president of Nest Bank.

As Nest Bank argues, N!Asystent is the beginning of great changes in your approach to everyday banking. Generative artificial intelligence is intended to deliver a level to all customers premium quality serviceand even higher.

Could you ever dream of having 24/7 access to your own bank account manager who knows by heart all the operations the client has performed, the entire bank offer and all the instructions for self-service activities? Thanks to the progress of GenAI development, we are entering the era of true personalization of service quality on an unprecedented scale and we are extremely satisfied that Nest Bank is the first to introduce this solution to the Polish market

– argues Piotr Kowynia, president of Nest Bank.

According to Nest Bank, the implementation of artificial intelligence in the financial sector is not only an inevitable direction of development, but also a key element that will define the future of banking.

Nest will announce more details about N!Assistant soon. The bank also plans launching a waiting list for customers who will not be among the first people invited to the pilot and will want to try the new tool as soon as possible.

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