Nest Bank has a new virtual card.  See who will benefit

Nest Bank has a new virtual card. See who will benefit

Nest Bank is introducing another service – a new virtual card. This time the offer is addressed to younger customers – teenagers. Thanks to the new card, they will be able to pay both online and in stationary stores.

From now on, every teenager with an account at Nest Bank can order a virtual card. The service is aimed at young people from 13 to 17 years of agewho can enter the adult world of finance.

You can use the virtual card every teenager with an account at Nest Bank. All you need to do is log in to the mobile application or online banking, go to the “Cards” tab and click “Activate”. In this way, you can become the owner of a virtual card in less than 30 seconds. Before using the card for the first time, the parent just needs to set limits – will be informed about this by PUSH notification.

By virtual card added to the mobile wallet the child will pay for purchases both in stationary stores, e.g. phone, wristband or watch, as well as in online stores. For online purchases, card details located directly in the application will be useful. However, to withdraw cash, you must enter a PIN and use ATMs with a contactless function. For activating and using the Nest Bank virtual card does not charge fees.

Nest Bank has an account for teenagers

The bank offers teenagers Nest Standalone Account. This is an account with which, for PLN 0, young people can: run an account, use… Visa debit cardwithdraw from all ATMs in Poland by card and Blik, deposit by card in Euronet ATMs, and also with Blik in the Planet Cash network and other banks, make online domestic Elixir transfers, and withdraw cash when paying for purchases in stationary stores by card (Cash Back) .

The bank also helps you take care of your first savings. Teenagers can use the classic one Nest Savings Account 13+and also with Nest Accounts Your Goals. If a young bank client wants to invest his savings in a deposit, he can do so with: Nest Deposit and Nest deposit New funds.

Nest Bank argues that with such a package the parent has the child's finances under their watchful eye, and the teenager will learn the first steps in banking. If a child encounters an emergency situation and needs extra cash quickly, they can use the convenient “Lifebuoy” function. In this situation, the parent determines the amount that the teenager will be able to immediately withdraw from the Nest Account, e.g. during a school trip or summer camp.

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