Navee, the famous manufacturer of Xiaomi electric scooters (finally) arrives in France

Manufacturer of the high-end Xiaomi, Navee is a Chinese manufacturer of electric scooters making its official entry into France, with many models.

Did you know ? Xiaomi does not manufacture its own scooters. Ninebot takes care of producing some entry-level models, but it is Navee who takes care of premium gear.

Navee is a Chinese brand that made headlines in 2022 with the release of its S65, with a double suspension, which was ultimately the beginnings of the Xiaomi 4 Ultra with some similarities. However, we were unaware of its strategy (visible on the web but not in the streets), now clear since our exchange with the brand at Pro Days 2023 in Paris.

S65, the flagship of Navee scooters

So it’s official, Navee electric scooters are coming to France. And the firm is not being shy, with a portfolio of 7 models, ranging from around 300 to 1,000 euros. At the top of the catalog, there are therefore two S65 and S65c, cousins ​​of the Xiaomi 4 Ultra. They are therefore equipped with a double suspension, but a completely separate deck and announcing 65 km of autonomy (against 70).

The difference between the two models lies in the power: 1000 W peak and 500 W nominal for the S65 against 800 W and 450 W on the S65c. Note that the Navee website offers almost identical visuals to Xiaomi, as well as an identical screen and going through the Mi Home application. The price ? Between 1,000 and 1,200 euros, but we notice S65s at 900 euros on sale on certain European sites.

Navee S65 scooter

Full of intermediate models

Below, the Navee N65 not present at Pro Days is the top of the range of totally rigid electric scooters. Already, we applaud the rotating stem, which solves a serious problem of space, whether in folded mode or not. For the rest, this N65 adopts 10-inch air wheels, a 500 W front motor with eABS braking, a rear disc brake, and the same 12.5 Ah battery to reach 65 km per charge. Here, the screen has nothing to do with Xiaomi, nor the style, while the price would fluctuate around 700-800 euros.

Navee rotating jib

In the mid-range, Navee composes with the V40, V40 Pro and V50. Taking up the double folding of the N65, the 10-inch wheels, the screen with app, the V40 Pro and V50 are identical. This except for the battery, providing 40 or 50 km of theoretical range and less power on the V40 Pro (300/600 W vs 350/700 W on V50). The V40 has the same power/battery duo as the V40 Pro, but does not have the rotating stem. These versions trade between 400 euros for the V40 and 629 euros for the V50.

An entry-level Navee N20 for less than 300 euros

Finally, the Navee N40 is content with a 350 W block and a battery capable of reaching 40 km per charge, still in theory. On this entry-level model, the screen is fully integrated into the stem, the weight is limited to 15.5 kg. And it’s even better with the N20 which displays 14 kg, or halving its radius of action and 250 W of power. Its advantage is also to aim for less than 300 euros, against 450 euros on the N40.

Navee range 2023

Navee therefore spreads a well thought out and complete range, enough to harm the best electric scooters Xiaomi, Ninebot and other rivals? At CssTricks, we are impatient to discover this in test to fully judge the potential of these machines. As for availability, it will be gradual, with Navee building its network of physical and online retailers this year.

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