Flara słoneczna

NASA warns. The Earth is threatened by a communication disaster

NASA warns of strong solar flares. The activity of our star may also disrupt radio communications on the planet’s surface.

The Space Agency has issued a warning to anyone interested in radio communications, both on Earth and beyond. The flare was rated at X6.3, so it’s at the high end of the scale used by solar observers. The greatest activity of the star was observed at 23:34 our time on Thursday, February 22.

Above you can see a photo of the event taken by the NASA observatory. Interestingly, this is the third strong eruption of energy from the star’s surface in two days. On Wednesday, the phenomenon X1.8 was observed, and on Thursday also X1.7.

The last time we experienced such a strong flare was in 2017. It is also the 27th most powerful flare observed in the history of measurements. The record holder reached X40.

Solar activity disrupts communication

Solar activity of such intensity may deteriorate or even completely prevent radio communication using high-frequency waves. You can also expect problems with GPS navigation. Such phenomena most often take place in the hemisphere currently facing the Sun. Besides, they are not dangerous to us.

The situation is different in orbit. Astronauts working on the International Space Station and China’s Tiangong Station have much less protection than people on the planet. If solar activity continues to increase, it will pose a threat to the health of these 10 people.

The X6.3 flare is the strongest event in the current solar cycle, but it is unlikely to hold that title for much longer. Scientists expect a further increase in solar activity and, as a result, further difficulties.

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