Narwhal Freo and Freo X Ultra.  New cleaning robots are coming to Poland

Narwhal Freo and Freo X Ultra. New cleaning robots are coming to Poland

Narwal officially entered the Polish market by introducing Freo and Freo X Ultra intelligent cleaning robots. They will soon be joined by the latest Freo X Plus model, offering even more improved smart functions.

Narwal is a company specializing in automatic vacuum cleaners with mopping function. They are responsible for product development former DJI employees. The first models that the brand wants to show off on our market are: Narwhal Freo and Freo X Ultra.

Narwal Freo and Freo X Ultra are maintenance-free

Narwal Freo is the first intelligent cleaning robot that supports automatic water exchange system, can be installed in the docking station. This minimizes users’ input in operating the device and provides them with full automation of processes that have so far been burdensome and required systematic attention.

The docking station in the Freo and Freo X Ultra models is almost completely maintenance-free. Washes mops independently and dries them at 40°C, which helps get rid of bacteria and unpleasant odors. It also controls the moisture level for an even higher hygiene standard. The station of the Freo and Freo X Ultra models is self-cleaning. Effective cleaning starts with yourself.

The DirtSense and Smart EdgeSwing functions will help with cleaning

Narwal robots have something else to offer. DirtSense technology uses water analysis after cleaning the mops to determine exactly Are the floors 100% clean?. Will wash problem areas again as needed.

In turn, the Smart EdgeSwing function uses twisting movement both triangular mops and side vacuuming brushes to be effective vacuum and wash the edges and hard-to-reach places. The robots move along an S-shaped route, partially overlapping the area already cleaned, which deepens the effect.

Mapping with SLAM 3.0 LiDAR

The Freo model stands out navigation system used in premium robotic vacuum cleaners. SLAM 3.0 LiDAR ensures precision multi-level mapping and infrared obstacle detection, thanks to which it avoids objects flawlessly. Freo X Ultra brings these features to the level of LiDAR SLAM 4.0. The manufacturer announces that further improvements will be presented in the latest Freo X Plus model.

Narwal cleaning robots offer various operating modes, including the powerful Freo mode with DirtSense support. Depending on the type of floor (wood, tiles), the mopping vacuum cleaner will use different pressure forceto clean effectively and safely. For example, when the robot drives onto the carpet, the mopping elements rise to a height of 12 mm, which ensures dry vacuuming.

The Freo X Ultra model is also equipped with: different humidity of mops depending on the weather, as well as a vacuum brush to prevent hair from getting tangled.

Operation in the application or on the LCD screen

Managing the work of Narwal cleaning robots is possible through an application that gives access to functions such as planning work schedules, defining No-Go zones and receiving cleaning reports. Basic parameters can also be checked on the LCD screen built into the docking station. Additionally, the robots support voice assistants – Siri, Alexa and Google.

Premiere Promotion of Narwhal Freo

Due to the official entry of the Narwal brand into Poland, there will bespecial premiere promotion. As part of it, every buyer of the Narwal Freo cleaning robot can count on: after-sales gift in the form of a dedicated set of accessories worth PLN 629. A package of replacement elements for the Narwal Freo model will enable long-term maintenance at no additional cost.

The promotion will last from February 19 to 29, 2024 To collect your gifts, please send an e-mail to between March 15 and 22, 2024, with appropriate proof of purchase.

Robot Narwhal Freo costs PLN 4,199and the model Freo X Ultra means expense PLN 5,999. Narwal brand products are available in TECHWISH, Komputronik,, Mi-Home and SimplyBuy stores. More information about the brand’s products on the website

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