Nanoleaf promises luminous immersion for your TV, even without Ambilight

Nanoleaf pushes the concept of immersion assisted by connected lighting even further. With its Nanoleaf 4D, the manufacturer promises to perfectly synchronize the content broadcast by a television with an LED strip and other lighting from the brand.

Nanoleaf first made a name for itself with its light panel kits, which were primarily aimed at gamers. Its collection of lights has evolved to adapt to lovers of interior decorations with panels in the form of rods, hexagons in white or black plastic, and even in wood. With the announcement of the Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip kit, the house returns to its first love: to impress gamers as well as film and series aficionados.

A camera and headbands for total immersion

Some of the brand’s products can already be combined with Philips Hue products to synchronize light effects. The manufacturer goes further here with a 4D Kit which promises to offer us new horizons in the field of multimedia or video game immersion. Thus, the Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit includes a camera that points at the screen and captures the colors displayed on the screen in real time. The colorimetric panel is analyzed and synchronized with the LED light strip that mounts on the back of the screen.

Thus, the image on the screen is extended, energized by the striplight which projects the light towards the wall. The effect should therefore be similar to what Philips Ambilight televisions offer with a major nuance: the colorimetric palette and reaction times are superior on paper. The kit will offer several light diffusion modes 1D (neutral light of your choice), 2D (the dominant color is diffused), 3D (three color panels are diffused) and especially the 4D mode which synchronizes the image on the screen and the striplight, bringing as a bonus more areas of color and above all a rather impressive movement effect during demonstrations.

Thanks to Nanoleaf’s Sync+ technology, it is possible to extend the light effects generated by the 4D kit with all the Nanoleaf products in your possession, up to a limit of 50.

In addition, thanks to the Overwolf platform, gamers will be able to enjoy truly personalized profiles for their favorite games. More than a hundred titles are already supported and each profile is programmed to best highlight the main events and actions of the game, to be tested therefore, just like this 4D kit.

The product is currently in pre-order on the Nanoleaf site for availability from August 10, 2023 at a price of 99.99 euros for a screen of up to 65 inches and 129.99 euros up to 85 inches.

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