mPay presents its own VISA debit card

mPay presents its own VISA debit card

As previously announced, mPay presented its own debit card, which will allow you to use funds accumulated in the application. It will also be possible to add it to Google Pay and Apple Pay wallets.

He uses the mPay application 1.5 million Poles. From now on, thanks to the debit card, users will be able to freely use the funds accumulated in the application outside its environment – by doing stationary and online shopping or by withdrawing funds at an ATM in Poland and around the world.

Users of the mPay mobile application will be able to use it both from a physical card and a virtual cardwhich can be easily connected to the Google Pay application and, ultimately, also to Apple Pay.

During the card ordering process, recipients will receive a subscription package to choose from in three options: Standard, Gold and VIP. Depending on the selected package, the user may receive additional benefits, e.g. PLN 100 refund for third party liability insurance or AC. The mPay debit card will also be available in three color variants. Visa became a partner of the project.

The latest functional change in the application is also: free transfers between wallets in the mPay application. Users can transfer funds to each other by simply providing a phone number.

The company's upcoming plans also include, among others: implementation of payment for refueling without leaving the car, ticket service for the Fast Urban Railway in Tricity and new loan products up to PLN 20,000. zloty.

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