mPay announces its own debit card.  It wants to be a super app

mPay announces its own debit card. It wants to be a super app

The Polish mPay application is already used by over 1.5 million users. The company boasted about the result it has just achieved and reveals its plans for the future.

As indicated by the president of mPay SA, Andrzej Basiak, the goal for this and next year is to increase number of users up to 2.5 million. At the same time, mPay wants to develop towards a fintech super app. Its creators are working on it improving the quality of the interface and introduce new functions to make using the application more intuitive and convenient. The brand also has a new slogan “Always with you”.

The number of 1.5 million users is a huge success for mPay. This fact is also confirmation that the strategic turn towards a fintech super application was the right choice, because Poles need a tool that facilitates everyday functioning.

– says Andrzej Basiak, CEO of mPay SA

The mPay application offers, among others, convenient payments in the transport and tourism segment, such as city ​​and train tickets, highway ticketspayments for parking in Polish cities, the ability to pay bills and top up your phone, a travel planner and a lending and insurance platform.

It doesn’t end there. mPay is preparing new products. The company anticipates that it will be a milestone in the development of super applications introduction of the mPa debit cardy. Thanks to it, users will be able to freely use the funds collected in the application, for example stationary shoppingonline or by withdrawing money at an ATM.

The company’s upcoming plans also include, among others: implementation payments for refueling without leaving the carticket service for the Fast Urban Railway in Tricity and new loan products up to PLN 20,000.

mPay is also developing a path of business services by making its payment mechanisms available via API. Today, thanks to this, they are possible international money transfers with Easysend or US Money Express.

In February 2024 Jakub Błaszczykowski became the face of the brand. An image campaign with the former Polish representative called “Fair-Play Payments” will soon be launched.

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