Filmowe hity w Polsat Box Go. Wiemy, co obejrzysz w kwietniu

Movie hits on Polsat Box Go. We know what you'll be watching in April

In April, Polsat Box Go will offer further movie hits. Splinter, Insurgent of 1863 Whether Dog and Robot these are just some of them.

Polsat Box Go has prepared several new films for April, worth recommending. They are dominated by unconventional heroes – strong female characters and unyielding men. Productions will be available on the Polsat Box Go website without ads, anytime, anywhere, on the platform's website or app.

April's new films on Polsat Box Go include the following titles:

  • “Splinter” – a story about a young rapper who tries to make it in the male-dominated hip-hop world. Premiere April 5.

“Zadra” is a talented girl from a housing estate who fights for recognition on the rap scene. Although she seems to be an ordinary teenager, in front of the microphone she gains incredible energy and charisma, thanks to which she can captivate crowds. However, in an environment full of testosterone, it's hard to find a place for people like her.

  • “The Three Musketeers: Milady” – another film adaptation based on the work of Alexander Dumas. Premiere April 18.

One of the Musketeers, D'Artagnan, will be forced to join forces with Milady de Winter to rescue Constance from her captors. When war is declared, a secret from the past will be revealed that will destroy existing alliances.

  • “Dog and Robot” – charming comic animation by Sara Varon. Premiere April 19.

A dog living in New York is fed up with loneliness and succumbs to the sweet promise of a TV commercial. Soon his life becomes colorful thanks to the childhood curiosity of his friend – Robot.

  • “Insurgent 1863” – a work about the fate of those who participated in the most tragic Polish uprising. Premiere April 19.

On January 22, 1863, on the day of the outbreak of the national uprising, Father Brzóska led a unit that carried out a successful attack on the Russian military garrison. The priest is appointed officer and chief chaplain. Soon we were on the trail of Fr. Brzóski moves colonel. Manukin is called the “Executioner of Podlasie”, but for the next two years the Polish hero will remain elusive, spreading fear among the troops of the Russian Empire and giving Polish society hope of escaping from the tsarist partition.

  • “Madam Web” – a production based on the Madame Web comic book series by Marvel Comics. Premiere April 30.

“Madame Web” is the story of a paramedic, Cassandra Webb, who works in Manhattan. It turns out that he may have extraordinary clairvoyant abilities.

Polsat Box Go new movies

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