More than €11,000 drop for this electric Audi, but there’s a big but

Audi is offering a new special series to its Q4 e-tron and allows it to be eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros, thanks to a sharp drop in price. The latter now starts from 46,900 euros, a drop of more than 11,000 euros, but pay attention to the conditions and the number of copies.

Since the start of the year, manufacturers have embarked on a major price war, declared by Tesla. And for good reason, the American manufacturer has made significant price reductions on several occasions, notably on its Model 3 and Model Y, as well as on its Model S and Model X more recently. A fall which did not leave other manufacturers indifferent.

A new special series

This is for example the case of Audi, which decided to launch into this war, in order to better compete with Elon Musk’s firm. This is how it announces in a press release that it is lowering the price of one of its electric models, namely the Q4 e-tron. The latter is in fact now displayed from 46,900 euroscompared to 53,000 euros so far.

A significant drop of 6,100 euros, which now allows the Q4 e-tron to be eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros. Enough to encourage customers to take the plunge, since they will be able to afford the SUV for a price of 41,900 euros. For comparison, the Tesla Model Y starts at 45,990 euros, ecological bonus not deducted.

For the record, the government’s boost is currently reserved for cars under 47,000 euros. Enough to help the firm with the rings to compete with the American manufacturer? This remains to be proven. Because Tesla is still a hit, with its SUV which remains at the top of sales of electric models in Europe and France.

Especially since this new entry-level version is in fact a special series, which is in fact not limited to only 400 copies. It is therefore more of an announcement effect than a real offer, because there is no doubt that customers should quickly rob the manufacturer. However, let’s qualify this statement, since Audi usually sells between 200 to 300 Q4 e-trons per month. Please note that this finish called Design Edition is only available with the 45 e-tron engine.

What allocation?

As a reminder, the latter displays a power of 285 horsepower, which had been increased a few months earlier. This is sent only to the rear wheels. It has a battery displaying a large capacity of 77 kWhwhich can be recharged in around thirty minutes at a fast terminal at a power of 175 kW in direct current.

But then, what are customers entitled to on this ultra-limited version? The latter offers a fairly complete package, including metallic paint as well as an options pack including electric tailgate, heated front seats or even navigation on the 10.1-inch touch screen. The latter can, as a reminder, reach 11.6 inches depending on the version.

Furthermore, this variant benefits froma slight increase in autonomy, which now increases to 533 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. Please note that it is also possible to purchase this special series as an LOA, for a monthly rent of 490 euros. It now remains to be seen whether this very temporary drop in the price of the electric SUV will help it increase its sales.

And for good reason, the site’s journalists Clean Automotive explain in a recent article that the Audi Q4 e-tron would have difficulty selling. So much so that the manufacturer would ultimately not need new production lines within the Zwickau factory, in Germany. European production which will allow the SUV to remain eligible for the ecological bonus next year.

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