more security, wallpapers and less vibration

Google announces that it is launching an update to its Pixel Experience on its smartphones, from Pixel 4a to Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. June’s Pixel Feature Drop roundup.

Google’s smartphones are famous for having a monthly update tracker, with regular addition of features. A month after a Google I/O 2023 full of new features, these are finally available.

With a Pixel, you will be able to go home more quietly in the evening

The case is quite classic: you come home from an evening, by public transport or on foot and you do not feel safe. If a smartphone can’t actually save you from getting mugged, it can still help you in this case, if it’s an updated Pixel. Google is launching a feature for Google Assistant: Emergency Sharing and Safety Check Scheduler.

In fact, you can ask Google Assistant to carry out a security check at the end of a period that you set, thirty minutes for example. At the end of this time, the voice assistant calls us back and if we don’t answer, the emergency contacts can be notified and receive your position in real time.

Speaking of emergency contacts, they can be notified if you are the victim of a road accident and can see your geolocation. Until now, only emergencies were contacted.

Wallpapers reinvent themselves in two possible ways

First new type of wallpaper: cinematic wallpaper. It’s an artificial intelligence that transforms photos into 2D to create dynamic scenes for an almost animated rendering.

Another type of wallpaper that is appearing: one with emojis. You can mix more than 4,000 of them with different patterns and colors to create the one you want. Several layouts are possible and the customization options seem multiple.

Other new features coming to Pixel smartphones

Many other small features are appearing on Pixel smartphones. Some concern all models since Pixel 4a, others certain references only.

The new photos

The mode “Macro focusof the Pixel 7 Pro can now be used in video. Enough to film very close objects, insects, etc. For Pixel 6 and newer models, you can “take photos with the self-timer by simply raising your palm to trigger the timer after setting it to 3 or 10 seconds“.

A function that has long been found in the competition, especially on foldable smartphones; the arrival of the Pixel Fold may explain why it lands on the Pixel Experience.

Voice transcription improves a bit more

Unique feature on Pixel smartphones, voice transcription while recording, found on the Pixel Recorder app.

Within a few days,Pixel 6 and newer phone users will be able to export transcripts to Google Docs, generate speaker-tagged video clips, and search for speakers in recordingswrites Google in its blog post.

Control your connected objects from the lock screen

No need to go to Google Home to control your connected objects, everything can be done from the lock screen: turn lights on or off, change the temperature, watch your cameras, etc.

Your Google smartphone will vibrate less strongly

Only two models are affected by this modification: the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a. They will be able to adapt the intensity of their vibration when they detect that they are on a hard and flat surface, like a table. Enough to make less noise due to vibrations precisely.

Smart pixels, even on charge

Google says that “adaptive charging now uses Google’s AI to extend battery lifeon your smartphone. In fact, the latter will consider your habits to adapt its recharge. Typically, if it knows that you unplug your smartphone around such and such a time, it will charge more or less slowly to reach 100% “an hour before it’s supposed to be unplugged.»

Google Assistant: new voices are emerging

Google’s voice assistant is now more natural, which makes it more accessible. Google was sparing with detail, but 12 voices are available in American English.

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