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More new products available in Blik. It's no longer about one bank

BLIK with the Pay Later service is becoming more and more popular. It started with individual banks, and before we knew it, the service was introduced in many popular payment integrators.

The BLIK Pay Later service, which we wrote about at the beginning of the month when it was implemented in VeloBank and Millenium, has been a success. No wonder, the option of short-term financing according to the “buy now, pay later” formula is extremely popular and useful for ordinary users when shopping in online stores.

BLIK Pay Later – the function has entered wider circulation

Service availability BLIK Pay Later has just been enriched. The new payment method is now supported by Przelewy24, Cashbill, Tpay, imoje and Autopay. These payment integrators are well known to everyone who shops online.

Currently, customers of Bank Millenium and VeloBank can still use this payment method to pay for their purchases in online stores operated by Przelewy24, Cashbill, Tpay, imoje and Autopay.

BLIK plans to further develop the service so that it will soon be available throughout the e-commerce industry and so that customers of other bank networks can also use it. Work on this topic is ongoing. Currently, deferred payments in the form of BLIK Pay Later can be used in most authorized online storesthat use the above-mentioned integrators.

The deferred payments market in Poland is developing dynamically and more and more people are interested in purchasing products without freezing their funds (…) 64% of Polish consumers declared that they had taken advantage of the opportunities offered by this option. The new BLIK Pay Later service is a response to current shopping trends. The number of stores where you can use this payment method is constantly growing (…), and we are actively working with other banks to make this product available to as many users as possible.

– says Adam Kokoszkiewicz, sales director at the BLIK operator.

BLIK Pay Later – how does it work?

This service allows you to purchase the product without having to pay immediately. This allows you to manage your budget more flexibly. To finalize the transaction, you must enter the 6-digit BLIK code, just like when paying with traditional BLIK. Credit limits are granted individually. One of the highest on the market today, it amounts to PLN 4,000. Most importantly, the fee is deferred for 30 days and it must be repaid within this period. The deferment is free of charge and can be managed from the bank's application.

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