Kolejne bomby na Westerplatte. Saperzy znaleźli prawdziwego potwora

More bombs on Westerplatte. Sappers found a real monster

49 dangerous objects, including unexploded war bombs – these are the latest excavations from Westerplatte. However, about 180 historical artifacts were also found.

Gdańsk's Westerplatte is undoubtedly an important point on the historical map of Poland. But apart from the defense of the peninsula during World War II, it still hides many other stories about the past. Despite many previous open-pit operations, dangerous remnants of the battles can still be found there.

Quite a collection

13.5 hectares – this is the total area of ​​​​work carried out by specialists. As a result, over 4.7 thousand were found. dangerous items, incl 3 air bombs, one of which weighing 500 kg was located only 30 cm below the ground surface – informs the Archaeological Department of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk.

During the last work, which took place at the end of March, we found: 49 dangerous items that required neutralization and over 180 historical artifacts. The museum boasted about the new discoveries on its website.

Westerplatte unexploded bombs

This year's works took place in four locations: on the track at Sucharskiego Street, in the wooded area next to the parking lot and on plots along the breakwater and behind the breakwater to the boulevard. Clearing the area is essential to ensure safety both museum employees and tourists visiting Westerplatte.

Found so far objects dating from the 18th century to post-war times. Thanks to this, it will be possible to better document the role of this place in the history of Poland.

The finds so far include cannon balls and musket shells, which are evidence of clashes from the Napoleonic era; coins, dishes, decorative stove tiles created and used during the operation of the resort, and numerous artifacts from the period of operation and defense of the Depot, such as elements of uniforms and weapons or lead seals securing WST facilities.

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