More audiophile, cinephile and intelligent, the Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) promises a lot

As the end of the year approaches, Amazon wants to be very offensive with its Alexa products and is launching an Echo Show 8 which is undergoing a major overhaul for smarter and more multimedia use.

Gradually, Amazon is updating all of its products dedicated to Alexa. After the Echo Pop and a new Echo Show 5, the American launches a third generation Echo Show 8. A product that evolves both aesthetically and technologically.

Echos Show 8: it’s in the bulb

In terms of design, we have a much more refined product with a screen covered in edge-to-edge glass. This gives a more premium look to the product and if you flip the screen over you will discover a completely redesigned back.

It is more imposing with a “bulb», which hides a new speaker system. The latter promises to be more powerful, but not only that. Thus, it offers as a bonus a real spatialization of sound. Certainly, it will not be Dolby Atmos and we have yet to judge the quality, but this development underlines Amazon’s ambition to make its screens complete multimedia supports.

Microphones are no longer just there to allow the screen to pick up your voice commands. They will be used to calibrate the sound reproduction according to the configuration of your room. The promise is to offer sound truly worthy of a good home speaker, plus intelligence.

The Echo Show 8 features Alexa AI, the new version of Amazon’s voice assistant, which exploits the company’s advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Thus, Alexa should be 40% more efficient in local use. The product also serves as a Matter hub, which opens up interesting perspectives in the context of the connected home.

At the same time, this connected screen should improve in quality during video calls thanks to its new camera. This will also have a new use. It will detect your proximity to the Echo Show 8 and adapt the display based on your distance from the screen. The further you are from the screen, the larger the display will be. As you get closer, the screen will change the display to provide more complete information.

The new Amazon Echo Show 8 is available for pre-order starting today, but only in the United States, for deliveries in October 2023. Its price will be $149.99 and we don’t have any information yet for availability in Europe.

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