Więcej reklam w Windowsie. Pojawiły się w nowym miejscu

More ads on Windows. They appeared in a new place

On the one hand, Microsoft wants to convince us at all costs to switch to Windows 11, and on the other, it does a lot to discourage us from doing so. Even more ads in the start menu are a great example of this.

Windows 11, despite being on the market for 2.5 years, has still not gained a wide group of fans. Most users still use Windows 10. Microsoft is trying to change this at all costs and encourages us to switch wherever it can. At the same time, the company from Redmond makes decisions that effectively discourage people from using it, e.g. adding advertisements to the start menu.

Ads in Windows 11

Unfortunately, ads in Windows 11 are nothing new. System users can find them in several places, and now another one has been added to the list. Promotional materials have reappeared in the start menu, although in a section where they were not available before.

We're talking about the recommended items section. So far, there have been apps and files to which – according to Windows – we want to have quick access. There's no point in kidding ourselves, we used it rarely. However, now Microsoft wants to put ads there in the form of recommended applications, e.g. the Opera browser. This has already appeared among some users and is signed as “promoted”.

This is something new, because so far the Redmond company has mainly promoted its own services, encouraging, for example, the use of the Office suite or the Edge browser. Promoting a competitive solution is already full advertising. Fortunately, it can be turned off in the settings section, but I won't be surprised if it becomes impossible over time.

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