Mio MiVue C595W Dual to nowy sposób na pełne bezpieczeństwo samochodu

Mio MiVue C595W Dual is a new way to ensure complete car safety

Mio introduces its latest set of MiVue C595W Duo car video recorders. It consists of a front and rear camera, ensuring high image quality, as well as GPS and Wi-Fi functions.

A complete set of functions at your fingertips

Mio MiVue C595WD is a new car camera equipped with modules GPS and WiFi. Among the available functions is warning drivers about speed cameras and sectional speed measurements. The video recorder shows the distance and time in seconds to the approaching speed camera, indicates the speed limit and provides information about your average speed on the measured section. This is to protect the driver from receiving a speeding ticket.

Thanks to the matrix Sony STARVIS CMOScamera recordings should have high qualityalso with a minimum amount of light, and also be full of details. The Mio MiVue C595W Dual model is equipped with: supercapacitor, which has a much longer life than a regular battery. This means you don't have to replace or charge it as often.

Mio MiVue C595W Dual

In stationary mode, Mio MiVue C595W Dual devices can record continuously, automatically activating and capturing the image when movement is detected from the front of the vehicle. Thanks to this, evidence will be collected even when the user is outside the vehicle. It's worth installing SmartBox IIIto take full advantage of your car's monitoring options. Additionally, thanks to the built-in GPS and Wi-Fi modules, the user can easily share recordings and use location functions.

Mio MiVue C595W Dual is a complete set that provides not only high quality recordings, but also additional functions that facilitate the use of the recorder. Thanks to this, the driver can be sure that each journey will be captured in the highest quality and the recordings will be available when necessary.

Rear camera

Second camera, Mio MiVue T35, is used to record the route from the rear of the vehicle. Thanks to use TVI protocol for recording, cameras can be connected 8-meter cable, ensuring no interference. This should be enough to install this kit in vehicles longer than traditional passenger cars.

Availability and price

The Mio MiVue C595W Dual set is available for purchase in Poland for PLN 599. Like all other Mio cameras, it is covered 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

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