Microsoft niedługo pokaże nową kategorią komputerów

Microsoft will show a new category of computers. They are supposed to change the market

Within a few weeks, Microsoft will present computers that will belong to a new category of equipment. These are expected to be a real revolution this year and enjoy great interest from users.

Later this month, Microsoft will present new Surface series computers and tablets, which are to be the first devices with the so-called AI PC category. According to experts, it will be this year’s hit, which will drive sales and allow the industry to bounce back after a weak period. But what exactly will the new computers offer?

Microsoft will show the first AI PC

According to reports, Microsoft will present new Surface series devices on March 21. On this day, the Remond-based company will show two devices – Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6. Both are expected to offer both Intel Core Ultra series processors and the new ARM Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chip.

However, the specifications themselves and what’s inside the computers are not the only changes. Rumors suggest that Surface Laptop 6 will be equipped with two USB-C Thunderbolt connectors and an additional USB-A port. In turn, Surface Pro 10 will offer an OLED screen, NFC and an improved webcam.

However, the biggest change will be artificial intelligence. Microsoft’s new computers are to be the first in the AI ​​PC category. The Redmond company wants to equip them with a more advanced Copilot model, which is to be an even better and, above all, more intuitive assistant for users. Each device will also be equipped with a Copilot button instead of the traditional Windows key.

Importantly, in March, Microsoft is to present models aimed at commercial and business customers. Traditional consumer devices are expected to hit the market later.

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