Microsoft zmienia działanie Microsoft Store

Microsoft will change its store. You just download the EXE

Microsoft has made an interesting decision that will probably make the lives of many Windows users easier. Installing the application will sometimes be less tedious.

Microsoft made it possible downloading programs directly from the Microsoft Store website, without using the store application. Just go to to download a small installer of the selected application.

This way, if you're looking for an app that performs a specific task using your browser, installation will require fewer clicks. Everything will be possible to do without opening the Microsoft Store mini-window, as Rudy Huyn from Microsoft showed in the graphics below.

Microsoft Store allows you to download exe

Microsoft Store, application installation

It is worth adding here that the application download system with an additional mini-window appeared for a reason. The convenience of downloading programs suffered in the name of security – Microsoft blocked malicious scripts that could initiate the download of applications.

The new method of downloading applications from the store is equally safe. Removable the standalone application installer (EXE file) has the same built-in logic as the Microsoft Store application, so it will take care of dependencies and download the necessary files. You could say that the additional window was “packed” into an EXE file. Whole will launch much faster than the Microsoft Store app. However, if the application authors do not want their product to be downloaded in this way, they can “unsubscribe” from it.

Now you're probably thinking that two clicks instead of three is it a waste of money? It turns out that this small procedure noticeably increased the effectiveness of the Microsoft Store. A 5-month test involving a small group of users showed that the number of installations increased by 12 percent, and the number of launches of new applications immediately after installation increased by as much as 54 percent. Good results convinced Microsoft that it was worth implementing this solution on a large scale.

There is another benefit. Even if the Microsoft Store app on your computer is outdated, the code you added in the installer will always be up to date. And you can install several applications in parallel while the Microsoft Store creates a queue.

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