Microsoft Paint dostanie nową funkcję. Idzie prawdziwa rewolucja

Microsoft Paint will get a new feature. A real revolution is coming

Microsoft Paint NPU is a new version of the iconic drawing program. It will be enriched with artificial intelligence-based functions.

Microsoft Paint it’s a legendary program. Today, it is treated more as a toy and a curiosity than an application in which you can do any meaningful work, but this may change soon. The manufacturer is already working on an update that will add functions based on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Paint with NPU support

We don’t know yet what exactly the new version of Paint will look like. However, we know that it has a lot of use NPU systemsi.e. dedicated microprocessors intended for calculations related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. These types of units have long been found in smartphones, and are also increasingly used in personal computers.

In theory, they pave the way for this to happen use AI functions directly on our computer, without access to the Internet. In the case of Paint, you can imagine, for example, a scenario in which the application itself can draw a specific object on the image or convert our drawing into a specific artistic style based on a text command. We don’t know yet whether Microsoft will go in this direction, but there is actually a lot of potential to change the way we use the iconic application.

The new version of Paint is to be presented during the conference New Era of Workwhich was announced at March 21, 2024. This will probably not be the only new thing that the giant from Redmond will want to boast about, but let’s be honest – it’s hard to find something that will evoke emotions comparable to the new Paint 😉

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