Microsoft odpala tryb gamingowy. Zminimalizuje zużycie RAM-u

Microsoft launches gaming mode. It will minimize RAM consumption

Microsoft is introducing something that can be called a gaming mode to the Edge browser. It will reduce RAM consumption.

More and more gamers use two or more monitors. I belong to this group myself. If I'm playing, I have the game running on one screen and I'm usually watching something on the other, e.g. a stream on Twitch. This means that I use a browser, which in my case is Microsoft Edge. The new feature will allow you to limit how much RAM a program uses.

Gaming mode in Microsoft Edge

A new settings section has appeared in the test version of Microsoft Edge. Here you can choose how much RAM the browser can use. On a computer with 16 GB of RAM, you can set it from 1 to a maximum of 16 GB. However, the Redmond company warns that selecting too small a value may result in slower program operation, so it is worth exercising some moderation.

Interestingly, together with the RAM consumption limiter, it is possible to select one more option. Edge may use less RAM whenever or only when a game is running on your computer. That's why the new feature can be called a gaming mode. It was clearly created with gamers in mind.

The function is currently available in the test version of the browser (Canary) and we do not know when or even if it will be released in a stable version. There is a good chance for this, because the gaming mode seems to be an interesting solution and may actually help some players achieve slightly better performance. It has long been known that browsers can use a lot of RAM.

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