Microsoft szykuje nową konsolę. Wskazuje na to jeden szczegół

Microsoft is preparing a new console. One detail indicates this

However, does Microsoft intend to present a new version of the Xbox Series X console? This is what new documents indicate.

The PlayStation 5 Pro console should be available in stores this year. At the same time, Microsoft emphasized that it did not intend to introduce improved versions of its devices. However, it could have been a lie, as indicated by information from Korea.

Xbox is preparing a new console?

Documents from the Korean Radio Research Office point to the new console. The agency recently certified the new Xbox devkit. This one is marked as XDK (Xbox Development Kit) 2089. Usually, this meant that a new console model would go on sale in a few months, so we cannot rule out that the same will happen this time.

At the moment, we don't know what exactly the new console will be. Rumors suggested, among other things, a white version of the Xbox Series X without a drive, but this would probably not require a new devkit. Others suggest that it could be a handheld that Microsoft is also reportedly working on. Of course, it could also be an Xbox Series X Pro or something like that, but while we can't rule it out, it seems unlikely.

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