Microsoft has a problem.  People are returning to Windows 10

Microsoft has a problem. People are returning to Windows 10

Users do not want to use Windows 11. Instead, they are increasingly willing to return to Windows 10.

They say that great artists are appreciated only after death, and subsequent versions Windows only after the successor is released. New editions of windows from Microsoft they rarely receive a warm reception and it takes time for users to warm up to them. In case of Windows 11 However, this trend seems to be heading in a worrying direction.

Users don't want Windows 11. They're going back to Windows 11

According to the latest data published by Statcounter, the percentage of users using Windows 11 is decreasing. In February 2024, the latest version of the system had a record 28.16 percent market share. In April 2024, this result dropped to just 26 percent. The difference is small at first glance, but the trend itself is certainly disturbing from Microsoft's perspective.

So what do users use instead of Windows 11? It seems that many of them are simply going back to an older version of the system. At a time when the popularity of the latest windows is constantly decreasing, Windows 10's share started to grow again. In January 2024, 66.47 percent of users used it, while in April 2024 it was already 70.04 percent.

The situation is so complicated that Windows 10 will not be supported forever. The end date of support for “Ten” is scheduled for October 2025. After that, users will be left to their own devices – not only will they not receive new features, but even basic security updates. If Microsoft does not somehow convince them to migrate to Windows 11 by now, the situation will become somewhat problematic, and not only for the Redmond giant.

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