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Microsoft Edge was stealing, but he wasn’t happy

The Microsoft Edge browser has been in trouble lately. She took data without the user’s permission.

Like many other browsers, Microsoft Edge also has the ability to automatically synchronize user data from competing programs. With the user’s consent, it can copy, among others, bookmarks, open tabs and favorite websites from Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. I emphasize again: with the user’s consent.

Meanwhile, Edge acted arbitrarily and copied data without the consent or knowledge of users, and then launched itself. This caused righteous indignation. From the usability point of view, this is difficult because many people use two browsers for two different purposes and do not want to mix data between them. It is also a serious violation of users’ privacy and trust in Microsoft products in general.

Microsoft pretends nothing happened

Microsoft noticed the error and user dissatisfaction. You can now download a version of the browser that does not behave in a reprehensible way. So make sure you already have Microsoft Edge 121.0.2277.128, available in the stable version. Version information and the option to force an update can be found at: edge://settings/help.

The browser was released on February 15. There is only one item on the list of changes:

The Edge browser has a feature to import browser data on each launch from other browsers, with the user’s consent. This feature may not sync properly and display incorrect information on different devices. This issue has now been fixed.

The release of the new version of Microsoft Edge coincided with the theft of data from other browsers, but Microsoft is avoiding this topic. However, it is difficult not to connect these facts.

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