Microsoft Edge kradnie dane z Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge steals data from Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge can import data from Google Chrome. However, some say she does it even when not asked.

Microsoft Edge has a feature that allows it to import data from Google Chrome every time it is turned on. The problem is that according to some users it does this when the option is disabled.

Edge retrieves data from Chrome

One such person is Tom Warren of The Verge. He had a situation where Edge, after updating the PC, automatically turned on the same tabs that were open in Chrome before updating the computer. There would be nothing wrong with this if the above-mentioned feature was enabled. But Warren insists she wasn’t.

What could have happened? The first thing that comes to mind is the automatic activation of the Chrome data import function after Windows update. This seems very likely, because Microsoft is famous for advertising its browser quite aggressively, e.g. offering it when looking for a Chrome installer. Then again, it could have been a simple mistake, but Warren isn’t the only one, so it doesn’t seem like it was a coincidence.

This does not change the fact that Edge is a very successful browser. I use it every day, after switching from Chrome. In my opinion, it is a better solution than Google’s program. If you do not share my opinion, soon, thanks to a new law in the European Union, you will be able to completely get rid of it from Windows.

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